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BainbridgeJodouinCheecham is a small firm dedicated to providing excellent legal services to our clientele in specific areas.


Gary represents Unions and employees across Saskatchewan, providing legal services relating to labour and employment law.  He represents a large number of Unions at arbitration hearings, and before statutory tribunals and courts. He is also involved in the litigation of aboriginal law issues.


Jim represents numerous First Nations in Saskatchewan and the Northwest Territories, providing legal services respecting all aspects of aboriginal law.  He has appeared in all levels of court in aboriginal and treaty rights cases.


Dawn is a Dene lawyer from the Clearwater River Dene Nation. She works closely with various First Nations governments and organizations on a wide range of issues including the duty to consult, specific claims, governance initiatives and general advice.


Marcus is a former journalist who focuses his law practise on representing employees and unions across Saskatchewan. He is a trained mediator who also performs workplace harassment investigations.


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